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Write a Winning Prospectus to Get Your Start-up Funded. Here’s How.

Writing a winning prospectus isn’t about presenting your financial crystal ball to investors. It’s not always about the numbers. Yes, investors want to see that some thought went into realistic number-crunching and revenue calculations. The more realistic, the better. But, the reality is, if you’re an early stage start-up seeking funding beyond the F&F network […]

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Your Sales Function is Killing Your Company

Linkedin inspired me this week. It offered a great example of the incredible disconnect between marketing, communications, brand and sales functions in some companies. There are still some companies that seem to operate without a clear strategic direction or purpose, which totally floors me. Shotgun business development and sales practices can effectively kill your company, […]

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Facebook Private Messaging: Giving Brands or Fans More Voice?

Several reputable blogs have posted recently about Facebook testing a new feature in Asia – private messaging on brand Pages. It appears to be first reported by we are social (12/10/11), with subsequent mentions on Read Write Web (12/12/11) and The Next Web (12/19/11), among others. It’s unclear whether or not Facebook’s test aims to enable: 1) consumers’ desire […]

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Bueller…Bueller…Is Anyone Listening?

A recent AdAge Blog post by Sarah Evans (owner of Sevans Strategy PR firm) provided an overview of 50 interesting social media stats. It was a nice compilation of a bunch of info into one blog “source.” Some of the stats were basically interesting, like number 1 – there will be nearly 21 million Twitter […]

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Holiday mash-up. It gets progressively worse every year. Come fourth quarter, retailers are drooling to make the numbers. And with the economy still shaky, why not start promoting the Christmas shopping season in September before the Halloween sugar implosion and the Thanksgiving tryptophan coma? I get why retailers need to move Christmas in early fourth […]

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A Key Ingredient to Your Brand -Responsibility

Last night I watched a very interesting segment on 60 Minutes about Givaudan, a Swiss manufacturer of flavor and fragrance ingredients. You can watch the segment here: Tweaking Tastes and Creating Cravings Are Givaudan’s ingredients being used responsibly by brands or are they being used to “hijack our brains” as former FDA Commissioner Dr. David Kessler […]

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Echogy Explained

Echo. Strategy. Echogy. I often have clients ask me what’s more important; strategy, branding or marketing? Typically, my response is none of it, individually, and all of it, collectively. However, it’s not enough to say “we have a great strategy to market our brand”. It’s a constantly evolving process using multiple instruments and built on […]

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