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A Key Ingredient to Your Brand -Responsibility

Last night I watched a very interesting segment on 60 Minutes about Givaudan, a Swiss manufacturer of flavor and fragrance ingredients. You can watch the segment here:

Tweaking Tastes and Creating Cravings

Are Givaudan’s ingredients being used responsibly by brands or are they being used to “hijack our brains” as former FDA Commissioner Dr. David Kessler asserts? It can be a very polarizing topic, especially if one asserts that artificial ingredients (i.e., flavors, sweeteners, etc.) are a major contributing factor to the obesity epidemic. Don’t gloss over the comments about flavors that should not linger “because you won’t eat more of it” and the focus on behalf of Givaudan that they are actively pursuing the creation of flavor that is addictive. They, as do the brands that partner with them, want consumers to keep coming back for more.

I’m curious if there’s some corporate social responsibility here that may be overlooked. Clearly, there’s a fine line between creating a brand that a customer wants to engage in responsibly and repeatedly versus destructively. Don’t overlook responsibility as one of the key ingredients in a brand’s success.

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