Briefly About Me

As a marketing/communications strategist and brand architect, I partner with entrepreneurs and corporate executives to develop and execute successful marketing, corporate communications and brand engagement programs. I have won some international awards, which is cool, but my passion is developing world-class digital and traditional marketing/communications programs; engaging employees, customers and partners in world-class brands; and delivering the kind of value that matters – revenue growth.

I am also a rock musician and a renewable energy enthusiast.

Check out the career section for more info about me. You can also go here:  | About.me |

Briefly About Echogy

Echogy is my personal blog space. I write about marketing, communications, brand and business topics from a “real-life”, hands-on perspective. The content of Echogy carries my professional opinions on these topics and is meant to share insight, experience, successes and failures. Opinions, comments, rants and raves on Echogy reflect my opinion only (and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or statements of my employer). I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.


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